The Nightwalkers -Up Close and Personal

Jeff Hurd-lead guitar, lead vocals

Jeff Hurd

Jeff Hurd is the founder and original member of The Nightwalkers. With over 30 years of professional playing experience behind him, Jeff pens songs for The Nightwalkers and lends his clear vocals to the mix. On any given night, Jeff is industriously working on new music and new gigs for the band.

Mike Blazy-drums

Mike Blazy

Mike Blazy is the one and only drummer the Nightwalkers have had since their opening night in September, 1996. Mike has vast experience in professional music, including dinner club/ private functions, country, classic rock, blues and prog rock. Drumming is in his blood. As a child, Mike built his first drumset and it was shortly thereafter that he purchased his first professional drumkit. Although many claim to play the drums, Mike is pure rhythm in motion behind his set.

Marty Puljic-bass guitar

Marty Puljic

Marty joined the Nightwalkers full-time in May, 2009. Hailing from the Bleeding Heart Blues Band, Marty was the perfect fit for the Nightwalkers. Always a professional, Marty is host of the popular blues show on WJCU, Mad Cat Blues. Marty can be heard every Tuesday night, from 8PM-10PM on WJCU 88.7FM.

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